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Catherine L. Taylor's
Mastering the Mindset
Weight Loss

Weight Loss is 75% Mental 
Change Your Mind, Change Your Body!

Bust through the mental barriers that
are keeping you from being

Your mental attitude determines how successful you will be with weight loss, as well as with any other endeavor in life. Unfortunately, when you have self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes, you're defeated before you even start. 

In this 6 session recorded coaching series, I am going to show you solutions to the common mental traps, attitudes, and beliefs that keep people from being successful.  As a weight loss coach who has been practicing over a decade, these are the ones I come up against over and over again, and once people overcome these mental hurdles, weight loss can become fun and be almost effortless!

Course details:

After purchase, you will receive an email containing all 6 recordings for you to listen and download. You will receive also receive a course workbook which provides action steps to overcome each topic being addressed. 

Course Guarantee: 

You can try the course for 2 weeks. If you're not satisfied, you can receive a full refund.


Module 1
Laying the Foundation for Success  

Module 1 Overview

  • Learn how diets set you up to fail, destroy your confidence, and make you gain more weight.  
  • Learn how your sense of self-efficacy and confidence can set you up for failure or success.  
  •  Learn how to let go of past failures and discover ways to boost your confidence and belief in yourself so that you can move forward with confidence.

Module 2 Overview

Module 2
 Beyond Black and White Thinking  

  • Learn how to let go of the short term mindset of dieting and develop the mindset that allows you to effect permanent lifestyle change. 
  • Discover how black and white thinking keeps you stuck in self-defeating behavior patterns that keep you from achieving your goals. 
  • Learn ways to move beyond black and white thinking so that you can develop consistent behavior that leads to solid results.   

Module 3
Releasing Perfectionism

Module 3 Overview

  • Learn how perfectionistic tendencies lead to unrealistic expectations and goals that put unneccessary pressure on you and sabotage your goals. 
  • Find out how to let go of rules, shoulds, and musts, and get a more balanced view of yourself. Learn how to set realistic goals so that you can be successful. 
  • Learn how to reframe failure and setbacks. Discover ways to keep yourself feeling positive and motivated when dealing with obstacles and setbacks.  

Module 4 
How Fear and Excuses Keep You Stuck  


Former Student
"This course goes deeper into human psychology to identify the true causes of
unwanted, unnecessary weight (rather than traditional superficial causes) and offers methods for overcoming those true obstacles within us.

Very insightful and non-judgmental course."


Former Student
"I have found this course to be extremely informative and useful!

I loved being able to re listen to them and I got more out of them each
time I listened.

The content helped me delve into a deeper understanding of my true road blocks."

Module 4 Overview

  • Learn the many masks fear wears and how it keeps you in self-defeating patterns of behavior.  
  • Learn how the stories you tell yourself about why you can't be successful are keeping you stuck. 
  • Learn how to create an inner dialogue that supports and empowers your goals. 
  • Discover which personality traits may be keeping you from being successful at overcoming overeating.

Module 5
Deprivation Mindset vs. Abundance Mindset

Module 5 Overview 

  • Discover how feelings of deprivation and lack set you up for cravings, food and weight obsession, and often leads to overeating and bingeing. 
  • Learn how to move from a deprivation mindset to an allowing or abundance mindset that turns off the urge to overeat.
  • Learn how the pleasure principle operates in your life. Discover how fulfilling your need for pleasure lessens the need for extra food in your life. Find new ways to feel full and nourished from within.

Module 6
Motivation, Commitment, and Perseverance
The Keys to Growing into Your Dream 


6 Week Recorded Coaching Series 

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former Student
"Your course pointed things out to me that I was blind to.

Things like a black and white mentality, having one mistake lead to binges, and being so hard on myself instead of being a cheerleader for myself.

It was as if everything you said was about me but I just couldn’t put it into words."


Former Student
"This course is great for reframing what the true issues really are. 

I realized my greatest issue was black and white thinking! It's always all or nothing with me. 

Your course gave me a greater understanding of this dynamic and I'm finally making real progress!


Module 6 Overview 

  • Learn how to find lasting motivation to lose weight. Discover why wanting to be thin is not enough. 
  • Discover why acceptance is the foundation of change. Learn how to embrace where you're at so that you can move forward.  
  • Learn how fear of failure keeps you from fully committing and engaging in the process of weight loss. Learn how to develop trust in yourself and move into a state of readiness and commitment.
  • Discover how to move beyond self-sabotage and keep moving forward towards your goal.